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Founded in October of 2015, the Char Hope Foundation is focused on being the first recovery support group within the agricultural community in Maryland while producing Farm Fresh Goods.  We are dedicated to helping adults, who are facing the challenges of substance abuse, to move toward a long term recovery, while learning life skills, and creating a family like community to give added support.

We are a Community Farming based program, which means we work to produce healthy, local food as farmers come together and support one another in their neighborhoods


Our farm was once know as the Heaps farm and was later purchased at auction by the Klein Family in 2006. Andy Klein & the Klein Family were always amazing at supporting the local community. One day Andy reached out to Char Hope and asked if we would like to use one of their farms to help achieve our goal of using agriculture to help in recovery. So, today we have an amazing 50ac piece of ground with the original farm house built in 1920, barns, streams, and fields.

The Char Hope Foundation helps adults move forward toward a full recovery. a life of sobriety, a feeling of community and self reliance. As a not for profit, Char Hope relies on community support of our mission through grant and donor funding. Buying from Char Hope not only supports the buy local ,farm to table movement but quite literally is changing the lives of those battling addiction in our community.


Char Hope Foundation:

P.O. Box 181

Street, MD 21154

Email: charhope@charhope.org

​​Tel: 877-499-1397

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